Beautiful new fabric for our Tulip Topper cushion covers!

Walbea Retro has a beautiful new fabric for our Tulip Chair Cushion Covers.  We’ve added a line of poly-linen in lots of great colors as a cover for your classic tulip chair cushion.

What’s great about these covers?  They instantly update your cushions for a fraction of the price of new cushions.  The poly-linen covers retail for $39.99 each as opposed to a new cushion from the manufacturer starting at $327.  (We also make cushions, ours start at only $89.99!)

See the attached pic of the colors to choose from including white, orange, avocado, orange, tan, turquoise, fuchsia, burgundy, eggplant, charcoal and black.

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Tan Poly-linen cover

Poly-linen colors